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In 1997 I became a founding member and treasurer of The London Shakespeare Workout Prison Project which brought Shakespeare into dozens of Britain’s prisons. 


This has been some of the most challenging and rewarding work I have been a part of and it inspired me to broaden my career further into directing and teaching people from many different walks of life, at differing stages of their performance careers. 

Teaching and Training

Teaching posts

City Literary Institute


Course ownership 2006 - 2018

Acting for Camera for1-year and 2-year Diploma Students, to include showreel creation.

Advanced camera work.

Laban for Actors, based on the principles of Rudolf Laban’s 'movement psychology'.

Acting the text to include public performance.

From screen to stage summer workshop.

Liverpool Theatre School


Class ownership 2019 - Present

Drama workshops

Directing final year showcases

Teaching posts



Course ownership 2005 - 2013

Theatre studies: Stanislavsky including end of year performances of scenes from Checkov and Tennessee Williams.

Shakespeare and lyrical poetry.

Laban for Actors, based on the principles of Rudolf Laban’s 'movement psychology'.

Acting for camera.

Public speaking.

International School of Screen Acting


Course ownership 2005 - 2007


Movement for screen.

Screen acting.

Additionally managed and directed the end of 2-year course Show Reels, which were screened at Bafta.

Bigfoot Theatre Company


Course ownership 2004 - 2005

Ran 2 different levelled after-school acting classes for children aged 5-11 years.

London Shakespeare Workout


Mixed roles 1997 - 2006

In 1997 I became a founding member (treasurer) of The London Shakespeare Workout Prison Project run by Bruce Wall, bringing Shakespeare into dozens of Britain’s prisons. This has been some of the most challenging and rewarding work I’ve done, resulting in regular public performances with prisoners and professional actors, of work devised by the prisoners and inspired by Shakespeare, at venues such as The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus.


melly liburd publicity.jpg

Melly Liburd, Game of Thrones, Gypsy

"Robyn Moore's (SCREEN) ACTING classes are incredible. Her utter honesty, love and passion for acting is inspiring, allowing actors to feel safe and truly open up to discovery in her classes. Robyn cares deeply about acting and her students and it shows. I highly recommend this class and feel honoured to have worked with her! "

bruce wall.jpg

Bruce Wall MBE, London Shakespeare Workout Chair

"Robyn has always illustrated a conscientious concern & avid dedication to both the inmates & professional performers with whom she has helped to hone to a fine degree literally 100s of inmates’ passions to pursue paths towards ‘renewed’ literacy. Having participated in a vast array of LSW programmes, she is armed with a bevvy of practical, interactive skills in this field which are second to none. I cannot recommend her talents, energy, dedication & good will, highly enough to any and all.".

Elizabeth Webster as Walda.jpg

Elizabeth Webster, Game of Thrones

"Robyn was a truly excellent teacher, not just technically but intuitively. She got from me the best work that I think I did in my whole 3 years training and it's still on my showreel today because that's the calibre of work one can produce with her support and guidance. If you are looking to begin or improve in screen acting you won't find anyone better and I wholeheartedly recommend Robyn."

Public speaking

Public Speaking

With over 30 years of expertise across public performance disciplines, with her practical advice and experience, Robyn can help your staff either as individuals or as a team, develop and master their public and internal speaking and presentation skills.


Her training sessions offer numerous concepts, principles, practical tips, experience and insights - all delivered with encouragement and infectious conviction. The focus is on helping each individual draw out their personality and creativity to explore the possibilities of self-expression. 


If you have any questions about the subject of public speaking or training, feel free to contact Robyn through the form below, in confidence and with no obligation. Together you can discuss your individual requirements.  



Steve Bebbington, JobsTheWord

"Public speaking has become increasingly important to my line of work, and I'd had some earth-shatteringly bad experiences before we engaged Robyn. In a very short time, she'd given me the tools I needed to present at conferences and at wider public events, now when I go on stage I feel like a different man, I cannot thank her enough!"


Luc Dumont, Dailymotion

"The nature of our business is that we have multiple teams and individuals around the world presenting our brand and proposition both directly to large corporates and at industry events, Robyn's work with our teams meant we were able to create a consistent and homogenized global approach to our biz. dev. presentations, I'm so glad we took the plunge and tried this out.


Harriet Fuest, Canis Media

"We have a fantastic team here at Canis, but as a small business, we all have to wear a lot of hats. Robyn's work with our client facing personnel has changed the way we are able to do business. As a direct result of her training, we have become a lot more resourceful and impressive as a function, securing and advancing more business than ever before."   

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